4 Problems Caused By Installing An Oversized AC Unit


When you’re purchasing a brand new air conditioning system, it is possible to make mistakes. One of the important aspects you should consider is the size of an AC unit. Certain homeowners don’t do enough research and end up making the wrong purchase. What if the air conditioning system you just bought is too big for your house? According to an air conditioning service North Shore, here are four problems that occur due to the use of an oversized AC unit:

1. Short Cycling

An air conditioning system that works on consistent cycles will keep your house cool and comfortable. When it works as intended, the unit will turn on and run until the set temperature is reached. But if you are using an oversized AC unit, the system will shut off too soon without properly cooling the entire area. An air conditioner that is too large will run only about 8 to 10 minutes, as opposed to the normal cycle of approximately 15 minutes. Contact a professional offering air conditioning repairs North Shore to have this checked.


2. Inconsistent Temperatures

This is yet another problem caused by the use of an oversized air conditioner. The system will have a hard time maintaining a comfortable temperature for your home’s interior. Certain areas of your house will remain warm, whereas other areas will remain cool. When such inconsistencies in temperature happen, the system has to work harder than required. This will easily lead to frequent repairs and breakdowns.


3. Increase in Utility Bills

According to an air conditioning service North Shore, short cycling not just compromises your comfort, but also increases your energy bills. When the AC unit turns on and off frequently within minutes, it can adversely impact the energy costs. If you notice that your utility bills have been astronomically high, it is likely that you are using an oversized AC unit. Even though an increase in energy bills can be caused by a faulty component or a dirty air filter, the possibility of using an AC system of the wrong size cannot be ruled out.


4. High Humidity

An oversized air conditioner will not be able to properly dehumidify your house. When the unit is running only for a few minutes per cycle, it doesn’t get enough time to remove the vapour from air. A typical air conditioning unit will have to run between 20 and 30 minutes to be able to thoroughly dehumidify the air. When your house is too humid for a prolonged period, it promotes mould growth on the walls and ceilings. Now that’s another issue you’ve got to deal with!

In order to prevent these mishaps, it is always suggested to discuss with an expert specialised in air conditioning installation North Shore during purchase. There are different factors you should consider to select the appropriate size of an air conditioner. An HVAC professional will help you discover the right AC unit suitable for your house.


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