5 Misconceptions On Air Conditioning You Shouldn’t Believe


Many homeowners find their air conditioning systems highly useful, especially during summer. A functional air conditioning unit gives great convenience, but what really concerns people is the cost of usage associated with it. People fall for misconceptions and end up spending more on AC usage. Here are some popular misconceptions about air conditioning service Parramatta and AC usage that you should know in order to save on your cooling costs.

Myth 1: It’s OK to Leave the AC Unit Running when You are not Home

Not at all! Leaving your air conditioner all day will only increase your energy bills, contrary to popular belief. This is when programmable thermostat can be helpful. When you are leaving the house, set the thermostat a few degrees higher. Don’t set it too high or too low though. Programmable thermostats will regulate the usage of your air conditioning unit. The AC system will be turned off automatically for some time once it reaches the set temperature. This reduces your cooling costs eventually.


Myth 2: Setting a Low Temperature will Cool Down Your Room Faster

This is yet another popular myth surrounding air conditioning systems. Your unit running at a lower temperature will not cool down your house any faster. What happens instead, is that the AC unit will consume more energy to achieve the desired temperature and increase your cooling costs.


Myth 3: Not Using the HVAC System Often Will Keep it in Top Shape

Like every other electric appliance, your air conditioning system must be frequently maintained by a professional air conditioning service Parramatta. Lack of usage will collect dirt and dust more than usual. The experts will properly clean the machine and ensure it works efficiently. Not everyone signs up for regular maintenance of AC units. But by doing so at least twice a year, you will notice significant reduction in your utility bills, no matter how often you use the AC unit.


Myth 4: Using an Energy Efficient Air Conditioner is Enough to Save Money

While it’s true that energy-efficient air conditioning systems can help reduce your overall energy costs, that isn’t the only measure to save energy. Using your thermostat appropriately also counts. If you don’t have one, get in touch with an air conditioning repairs Parramatta service and they will help you choose one.


Myth 5: Bigger AC Units Equates to Better Cooling

Choosing a new air conditioning unit should depend on several factors including the size of your room, sunlight exposure, number of occupants, and more. Getting a bigger AC unit might seem better, however a system that’s too large for your property will frequently switch between on and off modes. This would cause it to breakdown pretty soon.

Knowing how to properly use your air conditioning system will minimise the chances of repairs and gives you more control on your cooling expenses. If you have any questions on AC usage, maintenance or air conditioning installation Parramatta, talk to the experts today.


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