6 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Air Conditioning Bills


Sometimes we all crave for that warm, sunny day to enjoy the weekend out with your loved ones. That is good and all but when it gets too hot, we’d prefer staying indoors, turning on the air conditioner and relaxing comfortably. Frequent use of your cooling or heating systems can get expensive sometimes. To bring down your energy bills, follow these tips from the experts of air conditioning service in Northern Beaches:

1. Set the Right Temperature

Don’t go too cold during summer or too warm during winter. It does matter to set the right temperature on your air conditioning system based on climate. The general rule of thumb is to set the temperature no less than 8°C below the outside temperature during the summer months.


2. Change the Air Filter Regularly

Most homeowners overlook the importance of replacing the air filter. Air that passes through should be filtered to prevent the contaminants affecting your health. By continuously collecting the air particles, the filter gets full over time and your cooling system will have to work harder to push air through it. This is why you should regularly replace the air conditioner with the help of an air conditioning service in Northern Beaches to reduce your energy bills.


3. Adjust the Temperature Before Sleeping

When you’re about to sleep, you don’t necessarily have to run the air conditioner at the same temperature set during the day. Raise the temperature setting a bit to minimise the energy consumption at night. Do the opposite during the winter months. You wouldn’t really notice the difference and can still have a comfortable sleep.


4. Remember to Shut the Doors & Windows

In order for your room to cool faster, make sure the doors and windows are closed. If they’re open, your air conditioning system will continue to work for some time, attempting to bring down the room temperature. This leads to increased energy consumption.


5. Scheduled Tune-Up

Scheduled maintenance or tune-up is necessary to ensure your air conditioning system works efficiently. A certified technician has the knowledge and experience in detecting problems with any component of your cooling system and performing the necessary air conditioning repairs in Northern Beaches accordingly. They will also clean the system if required, and suggest if any further work is required. Regular maintenance and replacement of old/faulty parts will give you more control on your monthly energy expenses.


6. Proper Air Circulation for the Unit

Position the air conditioning system properly to facilitate air circulation both inside and outside the unit. Make sure your system is not blocked by plants or trees on the outside, and by curtains or fixtures on the inside. Unrestricted air circulation will regulate power consumption and helps your system run efficiently.

These tips will allow your air conditioners to run productively without raising your energy bills. Hire a reputable service offering maintenance and air conditioning installation in Northern Beaches right away to inspect your system and lower your energy costs.


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