AC Maintenance Guide – Learn These 4 Common Problems


Air conditioning plays a big role in your comfort and if it isn’t running properly, it can be a real problem, especially in the warmer months. With the sweat of summer almost here, it is important to understand the problems that your air conditioning North Shore system may face. Here are 10 of the most common AC issues that you should be aware of:

1. AC Unit won’t Turn On

When the batteries in your thermostat are dead, it can prevent your AC unit from turning on. If the batteries are working but you still can’t get the air conditioner to turn on, then it could be that something is blocking its vents or some other component caused it to shut down accidentally. Make sure that the power is ON and check your circuit breaker. If it’s tripped, flip the switch off and then back on to reset it, so you can start enjoying some cool air once more.


2. Refrigerant Leakage

When the coolant in your air conditioner is leaking, it can lead to a number of problems. The AC unit will not work as efficiently as expected. So, you may have to try cranking up the thermostat higher than normal, which will run up your energy bill. Refrigerant leaks can also freeze up coils, damage the compressor, and cause your room to be unevenly cooled. The easiest way to avoid this is to have an annual maintenance check-up by the air conditioning North Shore professionals who are trained to do so.


3. Strange Sounds from the AC Unit

Depending on the type of problem, your AC unit can make different sounds. If you happen to be hearing a hissing noise from your AC, it could be because there is a refrigerant leak. Perhaps you’re hearing clicking when you turn it on and off. Well, the culprit in this scenario might actually be a relay problem. If you hear thumping or banging noises coming from your AC instead, then assume that there is something wrong with either the blower or motor assembly.

Don’t delay in calling someone if you hear any of these sounds, so that the air conditioning repairs North Shore can be fixed immediately.


4. Your AC Won’t Blow Cool Air

Sometimes, our air conditioners can’t blow cold air when we really need it to. This usually happens when you don’t change your air filter on a regular basis. A dirty air filter can reduce the cooling power of your unit. Changing your air filter every month will help keep your air conditioner in top shape, so that you can enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures all year long.

Whether you’re in need of a new AC system or you want to maintain your existing one, keep these important tips in mind. Contact the experts to schedule an air conditioning installation North Shore or service soon.


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