AC Refrigerant Leak – What You Need To Know


Refrigerant leak in air conditioning systems is quite common, but it is not easy for an average homeowner to detect. When coolant leaks happen, it impacts the functionality of the air conditioner and reduces the comfort level of your home. The experts of aircon installation Sydney explain more about refrigerant leak right below.

What does an AC Refrigerant Do?
  • The refrigerant is a chemical compound that is distributed across different components of an air conditioning system.
  • This is first pushed to the compressor where it’s compressed into gas molecules. These molecules will collide with each other to produce heat.
  • The hot gas is then transferred to the condenser. The fans of the condenser will now remove the heat. As it cools down, the refrigerant gas will be condensed into liquid.
  • Now, the liquid refrigerant is moved through the evaporator coils where it is cooled down even further. The air that blows over the evaporator is cooled and distributed to your room.


What causes the AC Refrigerant to Leak?

Here are a few reasons that lead to refrigerant leaks:

  • Incorrect installation of an AC unit will lead to refrigerant leaks. Make sure that the aircon installation Sydney is carried out by a certified AC professional.
  • The metal components, such as copper pipes, present in the AC unit can get corroded and form holes. If this happens, the refrigerant will start to leak.
  • Regular wear and tear due to frequent usage of the system will breakdown the components, which further causes the refrigerant to leak.
  • If there is a manufacturing defect in your air conditioning unit, that could also possibly cause the refrigerant to leak once it is installed.


Signs Indicating the AC Refrigerant is Leaking:

Now that you know what causes the AC refrigerant to leak, make note of these following signs that indicate the same:

If your AC unit doesn’t cool down your room like it used to, chances are the refrigerant is leaking.

If you hear a hissing sound coming from the unit, there must be cracks or holes in the metal components. As mentioned earlier, the refrigerant can leak through these holes.

Refrigerant leak will cause a spike in your utility bills. If you notice a sudden increase in your monthly energy bills, sign up for air conditioning maintenance Sydney.

AC units are designed to reduce the humidity levels in your house. It increases your comfort and prevents the growth of mould and mildew. Refrigerant leakage will reduce the unit’s effectiveness in minimising the humidity levels indoors.

Regular maintenance is key to ensure your air conditioning unit is running efficiently. DIY repairs is never recommended, since it is not safe to do so. Contact a professional to examine the cooling system or to know about the air conditioning installation Sydney cost if you are replacing the unit.


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