How Do You Know When Your Air Conditioner Is Going Out?


Air conditioner has become an important part of our lives, and it is hard to imagine a day without it. But unfortunately they are not designed to last forever. So, how can one avoid such situation? How can you understand that your AC unit demands attention even before the problem arises? Don’t worry! Here are some warning signs specified by the expert air conditioning contractors Sydney which indicates that your Air conditioner needs immediate attention.

1. A/C is not Producing Cool Air

If you feel that your AC unit is not cooling your home as before, then it could be a problem. In most homes, a good gauge to understand whether your AC unit is working appropriately is that your home temperature must drop one degree per hour after your AC unit starts functioning. In case if the room temperature doesn’t drop, don panic. There could be various scenarios as to why your AC unit is not emitting cool air. Some could be simple fixes by simply removing the debris away from the outdoor unit, where as some would require attention of the air conditioning contractors Sydney.


2. A/C is Making Strange Noises

You AC unit must make only a hum and not any strange noise beyond that. If you hear any squeaking, squealing, banging or clicking sound, then your AC unit is not appropriate, and it requires maintenance, in some cases it must be replaced.  You might hear a popping sound coming from the vents, which is a common sound. But this is not a sign which indicates that your air conditioner needs a repair. This popping sound means that the metal ductwork in your AC is expanding, and adding insulation will reduce the sound.


3. Water Leakage

If you identify a water pool around your AC unit, it is a sign of leakage, or formation of ice in the unit.  The major cause of water leaking from your AC unit could be due to the draining failure with refrigerant and condensate line. This might cause a build-up in moisture on the interiors of your home. This leakage will reduce the efficiency of the AC unit and cause water damage. These are easy repairs, but if not given due attention at the right time, they might end up in severe damage.


4. Pungent smell

If you experience any foul odour coming out from your AC vents, then there are possibilities that mould or mildew is developing inside the ductwork or unit. This needs to be resolved immediately by the experts from air conditioning companies Sydney, as it is not healthy to breathe in mould.


5. AC is Out-dated

As the AC units age, they are prone to rust and corrosion. Moreover, the units have to work harder consuming more power due to build-up of debris. So, if your air conditioner is old, consider new and affordable air conditioning installation Sydney cost to keep your home cool and comfortable. This will also help you save about 20% on your electricity bills.


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