Mistakes to Avoid During AC Installation


If you are someone who is looking to get a new air conditioner installed for your home or office, be aware of the common mistakes to avoid expensive repairs. Having a cooling system in your space, is indeed a blessing during summer, as you don’t have to worry about the scorching heat outside. But keep in mind, that you must consult an expert in aircon service Sydney, before buying or installing, just to ensure that it offers an uninterrupted cooling comfort. Here we have listed a few of the most common AC installation mistakes, which you must be aware about:

1. Incorrect size of the AC unit

Opting for the wrong size of AC unit is the most common installation mistake committed by many.  The AC unit can either be too big or small. If you install a unit of smaller size, it will not be able to cool the area. While on the other hand, it the AC unit is too big, it possibly will prevent dehumidification, and might wear off too soon. Therefore when choosing to install, get the help of experts from aircon service Sydney.


2. Wiring Done Wrong

Wrong wiring is another common mistake associated with split or ducted air conditioning installation Sydney. If the person who installs the AC unit is an amateur, he might end up doing a sloppy wiring work, which might become risky and create burdens. So, make sure to hire experienced people to install the AC units, also make sure that there are no exposed wires.


3. Failure to Insulate

Make sure that the air conditioner refrigerant is insulated on the suction line. This is because, when there is no insulation, the effectiveness of the air conditioner goes down. The same problem happens when the insulation is not done correctly. Hence, these both scenarios must be avoided.


4. Lack of Space between the Wall and AC Unit

In both the ducted and split system air conditioner installation Sydney, there must be sufficient space allotted between the wall and the AC unit. This will ensure proper flow of air, and help with better functioning. So, during installation ask the professional to leave sufficient amount of space.


5. Lengthy Refrigerant Pipes

Having lengthy refrigerant pipes is another common AC installation mistake which must be avoided. These refrigerant pipes unite both the indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner, so they must not be kept long, as it can make it difficult for the AC unit to accomplish the cooling cycle.  This might also make the compressor work incessantly and result in excessive energy drainage.

Make the most of the AC unit in your home or office by installing it appropriately. To get the best results, hire a professional from aircon service in Sydney.


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