Common Causes Of Air Conditioner Problems


Like any other appliance, air conditioners require regular maintenance and care to deliver optimal performance. Anyone who has spent a hot summer in North Shore in a home or office with a problematic air-conditioner can tell you how annoying and sweaty it was.

However, an air conditioner doesn’t stop working suddenly. Yes, it will exhibit some signs which indicate an underlying issue within the cooling unit. This is why scheduling regular air conditioning service North Shore is crucial as it helps to detect the problems and correct the issue before it worsens. By educating yourself about the common causes of air conditioner problems, you could make informed decisions:-

Here are the most common causes of air conditioner problems spotted by our technicians:

1. Dirty Filter

This is one of the most common causes of air conditioning repairs North ShoreA clogged and dirty filter can restrict the airflow that decreases the efficiency, and reduce the ability to cool the room effectively, regardless of the type of air conditioner. When was the last time you have cleaned the filter in your air conditioner? Well, that’s bad if you don’t remember. Make sure to clean the filters periodically, at least once in a month.

Removing and cleaning the filters in an air conditioner is easy and hassle-free, and you can do it by yourself. Check the user manual for when to swap in a new one for central AC systems.


2. Low Refrigerant

The refrigerant is the major component of an air conditioner that helps to regulate the temperature and remove the heat and humidity from the air in a room. If there is a leak in the refrigerant lines, there won’t be enough refrigerant to cool the air effectively. However, replacing the refrigerant alone won’t help to solve the problem. You need to find the leak and fix it. So, it’s best to hire a professional HVAC technician to help you fix the problem.


3. Leaking Ducts

If there are holes in the ducts, cooled air will be circulated inside the walls. Moreover, this causes your AC to work harder than usual, which eventually increases your energy bills. Leaking ducts should be fixed as early as possible.


4. Frozen Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil in a cooling unit is filled with refrigerant and responsible for absorbing the heat from the air. These coils need warm air to work properly. When something goes wrong with the coil, a layer of ice can build up on the outside, and you’ll get warm air. This is the reason why your AC is blowing hot air.


5. Clogged Drains

If the drain line is clogged due to leaves and debris, the water can back up and damage the system. This is one of the reasons why your air conditioner leaks water inside. If you not fixed right away, it can result in mould growth.

Regular air conditioning service North Shore could help avoid most of the air conditioner problems. Whether it is service or air conditioning installation North Shore, we can help you.


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