The Dangers Of DIY Air Conditioner Projects


Many take pride in being able to fix certain jobs around the house. However, some jobs require technical expertise and aircon service Sydney, and installation is one of them. Of course, it could be tempting to perform split system air conditioner installation Sydney or service as the internet is bombarded with DIY blogs and YouTube videos. All kinds of jobs may seem easy to fix and replace. But, that is not the case with all the appliances, especially your cooling system. Yes, what works for others may not work for you. Your air conditioner is a complex piece of machinery that requires the right tools and knowledge for repair and installation. Doing so could lead to costly repairs or replacements.

Here is why you shouldn’t try to repair or install your air conditioner:

1. Endangering your life

Your air conditioner is connected to high voltage electrical systems. If you are not familiar with the electrical systems, you may face a life-threatening injury due to the electric shock. This not only puts your life at risk but also your loved ones. Also, improper handling of the electrical system could cause a short circuit within the system that makes things worse and require replacement with a new AC.


2. Void your warranty

Doing a repair or aircon service Sydney can void the cooling unit’s warranty. Remember, if something mechanically goes wrong within the system, you’ll void the warranty and have to pay for the replacement from your pocket. Warranties exist for certain reasons and are valuable, especially considering the cost of replacing a cooling system. Let a professional HVAC technician deal with the repair and ducted air conditioning installation Sydney so that you could avoid an unexpected issue costing you a lot more than you could afford.


3. You may cause further damage        

With the proliferation of YouTube how-to-fix videos, air conditioner installation and repair may seem easy to fix. However, those videos are not made by a professional and it may have skipped important steps and safety information. It could even fail to mention the right tools that are required to do the job properly. A small mistake can result in bigger and costlier damage.

The parts and components of your cooling unit are interconnected and designed to work together. Damaging any one of the components can cause the entire unit to malfunction. That is why HVAC technicians are trained and certified to work on these systems. They know how these systems work and get it fixed with the right tools.

You wouldn’t want to ruin your brand new air conditioner. Attempting DIY repairs and installation can become a costly affair to deal with. Never take the chance. Get in touch with our professionals.


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