Factors That Impact The Air Conditioner Efficiency


Most of us don’t realise the importance of air conditioner until the hot summer kicks in. not to mention the harsh Australian climate. What better comfort could there be than returning to a well-cooled home after a long day of work during the hottest days? In fact, it is one of the essential comforts of our lives, especially during the summer season.

If maintained well, an air conditioner can perform efficiently without any faults. This is when the air conditioning service Northern Beaches is invaluable as it guarantees the optimal performance throughout the year. But, homeowners tend to ignore repairs and service to save money which can lead to serious problems down the road. However, there are certain factors that impact the performance of an air conditioner and here are they:

1. Insulation

Insulation is one of the crucial elements that can make or break the efficiency of an air conditioner. If the room is able to resist the heat, it could result in better performance by the cooling unit. But, how? Well, good insulation helps the cold air to remain inside the room while still resisting warm air. Moreover, using weather-resistant materials for the windows and doors can also enhance the aircon’s efficiency.


2. System size

The size of the air conditioner is one of the significant factors that impact the efficiency of an air conditioner. If the system is too small for space, it will have to work very harder to cool the room and reach the set temperature. On the other hand, a big sized ac for a small room can cool the space quickly and unevenly.  But, the cool air won’t last for a long period. The overworking system can result in high energy bills; frequent air conditioning repairs Northern Beaches, and early system failures. Your home may also be insufficiently cooled to the point where you never feel as comfortable as you’d like.


3. Maintenance

Periodic maintenance and air conditioning service Northern Beaches are the keys to the efficiency of an air conditioner. After all, the system works hard to keep up with the temperature demands you set throughout the year. Isn’t it? A regular service can help identify the issues, resolve before it escalates to a serious problem, and helps keep the system running as efficiently as possible. Lack of routine maintenance is the major reason for reduced performance and frequent repairs. We recommend at least two tune-ups in a year for the optimal performance of the system.


4. Age

The age of your system also impacts the air conditioner’s efficiency. If your system is too old, it could consume a lot of energy and can result in frequent repairs. It is advisable to replace your old one with a new unit.

Whether it is to schedule maintenance or air conditioning installation Northern Beaches, we, Epic Air, got you covered. Please call us for further details.


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