Get Rid Of The Smell In Your Air Conditioner


If your air conditioner has started to emit a foul smell in your home, then it is high time to find out the clear the source that is causing the bad odour. Usually, these musty smells come out from the Air conditioning unit due to the build-up of mould and mildew that accrues overtime through condensation on the refrigerator coils, or due to the leak in the system. Along with this, there are many chances of animals getting into the system and give up their life. Whatever be the cause for the stale smell – mildew, mould or dead animals, it not just emits unpleasant odour, but also takes a toll on your health. Hence it is imperative to service the unit with the help of air conditioning contractors Sydney, and remove the cause of the odour from the AC unit. This article describes on a few tips from the experts at air conditioning companies Sydney to get rid of the musty smell.

How to Remove the Musty Smell from Air Conditioner Unit?

Now that you have identified that the foul smell is coming out of your air conditioner, the next thing you must do is to identify the source. You can either carry out a DIY or get an expert help from air conditioning contractors Sydney. In case, if you are attempting a DIY, you must get new filters, fin comb, rubber gloves, bucket, foaming coil cleaner, bleach and water. Now, mix one part of bleach with three part of water in the bucket, to ward off any mildew or mould.

  • Switch Off the AC Unit – Safety precautions must be followed for any type of electrical maintenance. The same applies for the air conditioning system too. Turn it off at the source to avoid any serious injuries.
  • Replace the Air Filter – It is essential to change the air filter in your Aircon system once in every 60 days. In case, if your home has pets or anyone with allergies, it must be changed every 30 days. The primary function of the air filters is to keep the AC unit free from dust and debris from the outside and circulate clean air in the room.
  • Cleanse the Evaporator Coils – After you change the air filters, you must then clean the evaporator coils using foaming coil cleaners. Due to regular use, these coils get dirty over time, and could also become the source of foul smell, resulting in the poor functioning of the Air conditioner system.
  • Clean up the Condensate Line – Just next to the outside unit, you will see a drain pipe that is dripping water when the AC unit is functioning. If you see mud/dirty water dripping through the condensate line, you must clean it up immediately with bleach and water solution.

If you have gotten an affordable air conditioning installation Sydney cost, and have not looked into the maintenance of your air conditioner yet, and is now experiencing odour problem, contact experienced and licensed air conditioning contractors Sydney to examine your system.


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