How Do I Choose The Right Air Conditioner?


It is going to be much hotter this year, according to the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology. Yes, January to March days are likely to be warmer than average! The sweltering summer temperatures have made air-conditioners necessary rather than a luxury item for every household. However, it is essential to choose the right air conditioner to make the most of it and save energy. A wrong cooling unit can result in huge electricity bills and poor performance. It is of utmost importance to have the right information before you look for an air conditioner.

Here are a few pointers that will help choose the right cooling unit, as shared by our aircon installation Sydney experts:

1. The type of AC

What type of AC should I buy? This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Well, it depends on the size of your room, requirements, and budget. Split AC, Window mounted AC, and Duct Air conditioner is the different types of cooling units available in the market. Owing to the sizes and builds, there are inherent advantages and disadvantages to either one of the models.

While window-mounted air conditioners are noisy, split systems are a popular choice among homeowners as they are quiet and are made to cool the room effectively. On the other hand, ducted air conditioners can cool the entire house as they are mounted on the roof, and the cool air is spread around the home through interconnected ducts. Choose the one that suits your cooling requirements.


2. Energy efficiency

In Australia, we live in a reasonably humid climate. This means that your air conditioners have to work even harder to keep you comfortable, resulting in increased energy consumption. Your air conditioner will use a significant amount of energy. So, when you are looking for air conditioners, go for units with high energy-efficient ratings. If a unit has high EER rates, then you are getting a highly efficient product. This means you will save money on energy bills and reduce the negative impact on the environment. However, buying a highly efficient aircon doesn’t mean it requires no service and maintenance. No matter how efficient the air conditioner is, air conditioning maintenance Sydney is crucial to increase its lifespan.


3. Size

Do you know what size air conditioner you need? If you don’t, our aircon installation Sydney experts can help you. Choosing the right size of AC is crucial to make the most of it and save on energy bills. A small unit for a big size room will consume more energy as the unit will work harder to keep the place cool. On the other hand, a big unit for a small room will cool the space quickly. Still, it has to switch the temperatures to maintain the room’s chillness, eventually affecting energy consumption. Get help from the experts and choose the right size.

Need help with choosing an air conditioner? Whether it is air conditioner purchase, installation, or service, we can help you. For further queries about air conditioning installation Sydney costplease call us.


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