How Often Should Air Conditioning Units Be Serviced?


An Air Conditioner unit, commonly referred to as the AC, is one of the most essential home appliances that make our lives comfortable. It keeps the houses cool during the hot season, so that we feel comfortable. But, this is not the only task they do. They also filter the air and ward off any unwanted particles, odours and mites.  Due to the advancement of the latest technology, the air conditioning manufacturers have started producing AC units that offer a faster cooling effect, while saving up to 60% on the electricity bills. Also, today’s Air-conditioner units come with built-in stabilisers, adjust temperature feature and anti-dust filters which helps you have a good sleep. But just like any other appliance at home, these air conditioner units must also be regularly maintained through aircon service Sydney for effective performance.

Why it is important to service your air conditioner at regular intervals?

There are many reasons as to why you must opt for aircon service Sydney at regular intervals. They are –

  • The first and foremost reason is, you would obviously want to keep your AC in pristine condition, to stay comfortable at home.
  • Following a regular service schedule improves the efficiency of the Air conditioner. Most people, simply go for the ducted air conditioning installation Sydney, and forget about it after that. The experts warn that if you fail to service your Air conditioner, you would be losing about 5% of its efficiency year after year. Meaning, if you seize to service your aircon for 3 years, the competence of your AC would have been decreased by 15%, negatively affecting its performance.
  • When you follow a regular air conditioner maintenance schedule after your split system air conditioner installation Sydney, you will be able to identify even the smallest of problems and address them in the root level. Whereas if you fail to fix it in the basic level, you might have to encounter expensive repairs in the future.
  • In case, if your AC has already lost its efficiency, you can recover a high percentage of the lost competence with regular maintenance programs. According to a research, the AC unit is expected to retrieve about 95% of its efficiency back. This way, you can reduce on your electricity bills, and have minimal costs of repair.


How Frequently Should You Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced?

Even if you are not suspicious about any problems with your Air conditioner, it is best to get your air conditioning system serviced by the experts at least once every year and if it undergoes heavy usage, get it maintained at least twice a year. Due to regular usage, there are many chances of dust and dirt getting accumulated in the air filters, and coils. As the dirt increases within the AC unit, the efficiency of the system will go down. During the maintenance program, you must ensure to check all the lines and connections, refrigerant & pressure levels, motor, blower, coils, drain line and Temperatures.


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