How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner?


Experts suggest servicing the air conditioner at least once a year with periodic inspections based on the model and your cooling needs. Like any other appliances in your house, the air conditioner needs to be maintained well for optimal performance. Regular air conditioning service Sydney can help save money and avoid expensive repairs down the road. While spring is the best time to service your HVAC unit, you need to schedule maintenance on a regular basis to ensure your system continues to work efficiently.

Here are a few things you can do to service your air conditioner by yourself:

1. Change the filter

Replacing the filters is the key part of the maintenance process. Our experts at Epic Air recommend changing the filter at least every three months. Debris and dirt in the filter can obstruct the airflow and increase the workload of the cooling system which eventually increases the energy bills. Replacing the filters adequately helps to reduce wear and tear on the air conditioner while allowing the free movement of air for improved comfort.

Changing the filters is one of the easiest maintenance tasks. You don’t need a professional to change the filters. Locate your unit’s filter slot, slide out the filter, and insert the new one. Refer to the manufacturer’s manual for purchasing the right size and steps for properly placing the filter.


2. Do a little cleaning

Clean your indoor and outdoor unit with a soft cloth or brush. Ensure all the indoor vents are clean, the unit is on a level surface, the outdoor unit doesn’t have any debris, including pollen, leaves, and twigs that clogging it up and it is properly insulated around the refrigerant lines. Do not open the outdoor unit. If you feel that you can’t clean the unit without dismantling it, call in a professional who is specialised in air conditioning installation Sydney.


3. Analyse the performance

Determine the efficiency of your air conditioner by turning the AC on and let it run for at least 15 minutes and place the thermometer on the supply register that is closest to the cooling equipment. If the unit works well, the air that comes from the unit should be at least 15 degrees cooler than the room temperature. If you notice that you are not getting your home cool enough, it may be due to a leak or some other issue. Call in a professional to have it checked and fixed.


4. Schedule AC maintenance with our HVAC technicians

Regular service will help to ensure that all parts are lubricated, the refrigerant is at an optimum level, and fix the air conditioning repairs Sydney so that it doesn’t compromise the quality of your AC. You don’t have to wait until your unit is blowing hot air or making a weird noise. Contact our professionals ahead of time to schedule a service to save money from repairs. We are specialised in repair, service, and air conditioning installation in Sydney.


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