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All ventilation and air conditioning services at Epic Air include HVAC solutions and carefully implemented industry leading technology. Ventilation services are used to exchange the air outside and air within your home or building.

We don’t compromise on service, having installed ventilation and air-conditioning systems in buildings like:

  • Offices
  • Shopping centres
  • Restaurants
  • Large commercial buildings
  • Large residential buildings
  • Residential homes
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Our air conditioning maintenance ensures that your air conditioning remains operating at all times.

Our maintenance offer allows us to custom build a maintenance program that analyses 2 key areas:

  • usage of air-conditioning system
  • size of air-conditioning system

Through implementing maintenance programs, we’re able to prevent disturbances with your air conditioning system and ensure it’s running effectively with the highest quality air and lowest operation costs.

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Epic Air are industry experts in the installation and servicing of multi system air conditioning units.

Multi system air conditioning has an array of benefits, including customisation and providing independent control.

There are more than 12 different indoor models to choose from. Models range from different capacities to designs. Therefore, whether it’s an apartment or a double storey home, there’s a model that best matches your needs.

All multi systems have the ability to alter air movement, time clock operation and temperature for more convenient use.

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Epic Air are industry experts in the installation and servicing of split system air conditioning units.

A split system is ideal for focusing on a specific area of your home and workplace and can heat or cool multiple rooms to an individual desired temperature.

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Ducted Air conditioning systems are perfect for discreet air conditioning comfort. Once installed the only visible parts provide a sleek in-home built look.

You can select from a wide range of ducted air conditioning systems depending on your heating and cooling needs.

With ducted air conditioning units installed you are able to cool and heat multiple rooms at the same time to desired temperatures.

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