When Should You Call An Air Conditioning Service? Note These 4 Things


Most of us depend on our air conditioning systems during the hot summer months. Imagine if it’s too hot during the day and your AC unit suddenly fails on you! When your air conditioner doesn’t function properly, the temperature inside your house will skyrocket and make you highly uncomfortable. In order to be sure that you can depend on your air conditioner all summer long, periodic maintenance and air conditioning repairs Bankstown are necessary. Contact an expert right away when any of the following happens with your AC unit.

1. When the AC is blowing Hot Air

Apparently, air conditioners are supposed to blow cool and comfortable air from its vents. If that doesn’t happen, your house won’t be cooled down to the desired temperature. If the AC unit is blowing hot air, check your thermostat first and make sure that it is set to cooling mode. If you’re still getting hot air even after the thermostat is set correctly, contact an air conditioning Bankstown company at the earliest. A faulty compressor is a common reason for the vents to blow warm air.


2. When the Fan in the Outside Unit is Faulty

The outdoor unit of an air conditioning system is supposed to move the hot air away from your house. In normal circumstances, the fan will be spinning when the air conditioner is functioning. If that isn’t the case, get the assistance of an expert air conditioning service. When the fan doesn’t operate, it can damage the unit even further and you will have to replace the entire system.


3. When the Circuit Breaker Trips Frequently

Do you notice the circuit breaker tripping so often? Any sort of electrical issue can cause the circuit breaker to trip until it is fixed. Such electrical issues can also impact the functionality of your air conditioning system. Electrical problems pose a major fire hazard too. Get in touch with an emergency air conditioning Bankstown service at the earliest to resolve the problem.


4. When Moisture Pools Around the Unit

No moisture or fluid should be pooling around an air conditioner. The presence of moisture indicates a serious problem and this must be rectified soon with the assistance of an expert. There are several causes for this happen. It could be the frozen evaporator coil that causes water to pool around the system. Another possible reason is refrigerant leakage, which can make the entire unit to malfunction.

Contact an air conditioning company as soon as you notice anything strange happening with your air conditioners. Regardless of the complexity of the problem, the professionals will implement the right techniques to fix your unit. If you have not hired an air conditioning installation Bankstown service before, do a background check and make sure the technicians are certified to do the job.


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